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Hemi-nephrectomy for Non-functioning Upper Pole Moiety of Duplex Kidney

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Anita
  • Patient's Age: 21
  • Patient's Gender: female


  • Left-sided flank pain

Case Presentation

A duplex kidney, also known as duplicated ureters, is a urinary system condition in which two ureters drain urine from a single kidney. This is caused by a partial fusion of the upper and lower poles of the kidney, resulting in two distinct renal drainage channels. It is more frequent in women than in men, and it is an unavoidable birth defect.


A 21-year-old woman presented with pain in her left flank area. After a complete evaluation, she was diagnosed with left-sided “duplex kidney." It is a duplication of the left kidney with two ureters flowing into the urinary bladder. 


On examination, the upper moiety of the duplex kidney was highly hydronephrotic and non-functional. The lower pole of a duplex kidney is usually poorly functioning. But our patient's upper moiety was non-functional. After obtaining proper consent, she underwent an open hemi-nephrectomy with a ureterectomy. 


Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra, a renowned urologist in Bhubaneswar and Assistant Professor of Urology, performed the surgery successfully with Dr. Sumit Kumar Panda and Dr. J.B Jagdeb. Following surgery, the patient was in good health and recovered within a few weeks. 

Treatment and prognosis

  • Hemi-nephrectomy

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Ultrasound
  • CT scan
  • MRI scan


Following surgery, the patient was in good health and recovered within a few weeks. The patient was provided the necessary post-surgery precautions and guidelines.

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