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A large 13 cm renal cell carcinoma was removed successfully by laparoscopic surgery

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Ajay
  • Patient's Age: 51
  • Patient's Gender: male


  • Abdominal pain

Case Presentation

A 51 years patient was referred to KIMS was diagnosed with a large left kidney malignant lesion with enlarged para-aortic lymph nodes on CT scan. After a complete evaluation and counselling, the patient underwent laparoscopic left radical nephrectomy and lymph node dissection by Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra, a skilled urologist in Bhubaneswar, under the guidance and assistance of Dr. J B Jagdeb. 


A large renal cell carcinoma sized 13 x 10 x 9 cm was effectively removed with laparoscopic surgery. The patient was released without issue on the third post-operative day. His biopsy revealed clean margins and no evidence of malignancy in his lymph nodes. 


Large kidney cancers with enlargement of lymph nodes are difficult to operate on with laparoscopy and are performed only in a few centres. The Department of Urology, KIMS, and PBMH have been performing such complicated procedures. The Department of Urology is grateful to our founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta for the trust and support.

Treatment and prognosis

  • Laparoscopic Left Radical Nephrectomy & Lymph Node Dissection

Physical Examination & Tests

  • CT Scan
  • Medical Examination

Post-Operative Assessment

Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra gave specific post-surgery instructions to the patient. He also prescribed post-operative medications to the patient.


This is what the patient said, “Before surgery, I suffered extreme abdominal pain and discomfort. After surgery, I found a lot of relief. My recovery was quick, and I experienced less pain as my surgery was performed with the laparoscopic approach."

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