Benefits of Urethroplasty Surgery

Urethroplasty surgery can correct and relieve urethral damage. The procedure is considered the gold standard in the treatment of urethral strictures. In addition, the surgery lowers the recurrence rate and improves the outcomes.

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Urethroplasty is a surgical method where the urethra is reconstructed to treat stricture issues. The urethra is a narrow tube where urine moves out of your body. It is longer for men because it passes through the penis. When this little tube is further narrowed, this is known as a urethral stricture. The problem is usually caused by scar tissue or another extra tissue, and it can be located in any part of the urethra.


This problem is treated with urethroplasty surgery. Urethroplasty surgery helps in enlarging or removing the narrowed section of the urethra. The treatment may also involve the reconstruction of the surrounding tissues. Visit the top urology specialist to get the best urethroplasty surgery in Bhubaneswar


How is urethroplasty surgery helpful?

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The urethral damage can be corrected and relieved with this surgical technique. The procedure is considered the gold standard in the treatment of urethral strictures. In addition, the method lowers the incidence rate and improves the outcomes. The majority of urethroplasty patients in Bhubaneswar are satisfied with their results. The majority of patients report a considerable reduction in urine discomfort following urethroplasty. It will likely resolve if your Pain comes from the penis, the urethra, or the bladder. These patients also have significant relief of other urinary symptoms and fewer activity restrictions.


What are the benefits of the Urethroplasty procedure?

The following are some of the benefits of urethroplasty:

• Reduced chance of testicular irritation or infection.

• Lower risk of urethral stricture recurrence.

• Enhances one's quality of life.

Patients in Bhubaneswar who underwent urethroplasty from the best urology specialist in Bhubaneswar have experienced the following outcomes:

• They can now urinate without exerting extra effort.

• Starting to urinate is no longer a difficulty.

• They feel more pleased after voiding since no urine remains in the bladder.

• They don't get as many recurring lower urinary tract infections any longer.

• Urinary pain and burning feeling subside.


Urine spraying is the one symptom that sometimes persists, and it only affects a small percentage of people. As a result, the overall outcomes are outstanding, and the quality of life dramatically increases. Have you ever seen a rose without thorns? There is nothing perfect! Positives and negatives co-exist. Urethroplasty surgery is beneficial, but it isn't without risks. 

What are the risks associated with urethroplasty surgery? 

The risks associated with the Urethroplasty procedure are:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Urinary retention and incontinence.
  • Urinary urgency
  • Erectile dysfunction

But don't worry; you will be programmed for surgery only if the benefits outweigh the risks. The urologist in Bhubaneswar informs about the risks associated with Urethroplasty surgery and performs the surgery only if the benefits are more than the risks. 

So, are you good to go for the surgery, and do the benefits outweigh the risks? Great! So, now you would be interested to know the procedure of the treatment, isn't it? The top urology specialist in Bhubaneswar explains the procedure of Urethroplasty surgery below. 

How to prepare for urethroplasty surgery?

The urologist performs various tests prior to the surgery. The patient is advised not to ingest anything through the mouth 8-10 hours before the surgery.

How is the surgery done?

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The surgery is done under general anesthesia. The urologist makes a surgical cut in the scrotum and penis. The incision is made exactly over the area of the stricture. The anastomotic method is commonly used to treat minor strictures. In this technique, the blocked portion of the urethra is cut. And the surgical incisions help to join the close parts of the urethra.


What happens after the urethroplasty surgery?

After the surgery is over, the patient will be required to use a urethral catheter for the next two to four weeks, after which it will be taken out. Complete bed rest and constant monitoring for vital signs are done for the next four to five days. You can walk and continue with your day-to-day physical activities immediately. It is advisable to limit strenuous or aerobic exercise for six weeks. Stretching your legs in a straddle position and using a motorcycle or bicycle will be off-limits for a long time. Discuss with your urologist about the right time to resume such kind of activity.


Are you suffering from urethral stricture disease? Don't worry! Every problem comes with a solution. And one of the solutions to treat urethral stricture is Urethroplasty surgery. The surgery is very beneficial. Urethroplasty surgery reduces the chances of recurrence of urethral stricture and improves the overall quality of life. But nothing is all rosy. Though beneficial, Urethroplasty surgery has specific risks associated with it. But there's nothing to worry about! The best urology specialist in Bhubaneswar only performs the surgery when the benefits outweigh the risks. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the best urology specialist in Bhubaneswar for a safe, smooth, and effective Urethroplasty surgery. 

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